Book Summary

In 2007 the doctors said that I died. After the event the Holy spirit shared with me the knowledge to interpret Daniel’s prophecies resulting in this book which is well grounded in Scripture and written as an evangelical message. Proving:
Jesus is the Messiah,
Daniel’s Seal is Broken

Daniel’s 70 Weeks
The Great Tribulation
The Millennium

The 4th Beast
The 4th Kingdom
The Abomination of Desolation

“The time of the Gentiles” has Ended
The Last Generation Has Begun
“Somewhere Jesus Is Waiting” utilizes Federal Evidence Rule 902 and a plethora of scriptural analysis to unravel the evangelical mysteries of prophecy by establishing a historical timeline from Abraham to the reigning end of the “time of the Gentiles.” While revealing an understandable identification of the Abomination of Desolation, Beast and its Mark, False Prophet, Tribulation, Millennium and God’s Two Witnesses, a unique salvation message emerges directly from the cross of Calvary.
The Rapture road winds its way through history from the Garden of Eden to a prophetic event on June 8, 1967. Will the final great awakening be triggered by the burgeoning worldwide conflict between Communism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism? Do history, archeology, and science coalesce with the Scripture to reveal the Rapture as the last exodus? Metcalfe’s enlightening, new read depicts that Daniel 12:11–12 prophetically reveals the role of the Messiah, Jerusalem, Islam, and Muhammad’s role in the end-times.

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Religion/Christian Theology/Eschatology
Religion/Islam/ Theology