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Two nations begin to argue. The argument escalates. The populace becomes testy and conflicted. Legislators parry and trust, jibbing at each other to see who will flinch first. Then there is war.
War is one of the most debilitating events that a person or a nation can experience. Warfare and bloodshed are an illustrative and culminating event defining the sin of mankind as a struggle of good against evil. The gas chambers of Auschwitz serve to define that evil.
Perhaps war is also a figure of our contest with death. As we struggle with everyday living we come to the realization that war illustrates the malignity of the wicked.
As the battlefield becomes littered with the dead and the dying one person emerges from that scene to become the hero of the day. One man stands out with a selfless act that will forever brand him as a hero.
The United States recently awarded Medal of Honor number 3,493 to an individual who acted with a courage not born of man as he gave his life for his fellow soldiers and for his country.
Two thousand years ago there was a super hero named Jesus Christ. On a cross at Calvary he accepted the pain of every sin that humanity could ever commit as He sacrificed his mortal life for the entire world. We can never comprehend that agony, but we need not misunderstand it. It is the agony of God and Man in one, face to face with sin. The two fold miracle of the cross is His resurrection and the eternal life given through our acceptance of His sacrifice.
Are miracles a part of our life or are we just waiting for the end?

The author is a retired businessman whose Christian service included director of the singles ministry in a 5,500 member church, Sunday school superintendent, Sunday school teacher, and director of youth ministry. The author has also been a consultant to various Christian organizations including Christians For Urban Justice, Urban Home Ownership Corporation, and Habitat for Humanity. Civic activity included Director of the Edison Inventor’s Association. The author, now retired, was a principal and CEO of SAVE-ON-A/C, a wholesale distribution company, MARKETING CONCEPTS, a multi-faceted marketing company, and PINE ISLAND LUMBER, a full scale building material dealership. Professional licenses include Land Title Law, Business Insurance Law, Real Estate and Mortgage Law, and Security Law Enforcement.

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