Retired Executive
Thomas Nelson Publishing
“You have a great writing style.  The content is very good.  Well researched.  Solid."
Pastor J. B.
"Bill, I've been studying prophecy for thirty years and you've just blown me away.
I think this should be a text book for the seminary.”
Pastor M. I.
“Great job! This work is the antithesis of the LEFT BEHIND series of fiction books.”
Pastor J. D.
“I’ve already used your book for the basis of two sermons.”
Pastor J.H.
“You have done exhaustive research on the subjects and your details in developing the content and conclusions are commendable.”
Pastor B. B.
"I just wanted to officially congratulate you on this book. I am honored to place your book in our church library."
C. W.
“Thank you. I read chapter 3, called my pastor, and accepted the Lord.”
"I've just finished reading your book and I must say it's absolutely amazing! This book helped me grow in the Lord."
“Bill, this is a masterpiece of scholarship. I don’t know how you kept all the footnotes, scripture, and history straight in your mind. This appears to be a life work.”
“Profound Biblical revelation, I will be able to use this book in my jail ministry.”
“Bill, this is an amazing book. I didn’t know that you were that intelligent.” W.D.M. Reply: "I’m not. I had a ghost writer ------ The Holy Ghost."